Dubai is extremely organized in public Transportation specifically Taxi’s  J it’s managed by RTA. (Roads & Transport Authority)   So you don’t need to worry about anything. Cars are quite new and comfortable. Customer care is priority in transportation quality & standards.  By dialing 04 2080808, you can easily book your taxi. There are special needs and ordinary taxis. Special needs taxis are black colored. Normal ones yellow like everywhere.


Special needs taxis are more expensive than normal ones.  Also special taxis for Ladies and families there is a pink taxis that driven by Ladies. Most of the times they know the roads..  I think I am the one in the world always faced funny and non-sense situations J  But to be honest I never faced any issue with taxi drivers in UAE. They are driving within the speed limits. They are quite respectful but they are waiting to see same respect from you also.  And last update Tesla taxis now available in Dubai. This is really something wow Guys!!


Seat your belt, enjoy the amazing highway!!

Your taxi driver

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