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Your First Shisha In Dubai


There are many words to name Shisha like Hookah, Nargila, Hubbly Bubbly, Argilah, Qalyion and LulavaJ In my Hometown we call as a Nargile.  You will be amazed like me when you learn about history of shisha. Actually shisha origin is from India. One Physician called Irfan Shaikh had the idea, after his invention, shisha became a status symbol for the Indian aristocracy and gentry. Even with its popularity in India its banned in some areas due to cultural issues.  Then it became popular in Arab world. Till now it’s an important part of the Middle East culture.   In Dubai is all about socializing! Even if you never try, you will get used to smell as many people can smoke while they having their breakfast…

Before I relocated in Dubai, I was smoking rarely. Now I am addicted like others, I can smoke any time even with breakfast there are many cafes, lounges, beach clubs and clubs serving shisha.  From the classic to the ice from ice to fruit ones available. Prices starting from 30 AED till 300 AED depend on the place and Kind of shisha, Classic ones always cheaper.  There is much kind of tobacco flavors, like apple, double apple, watermelon, lemon mint….etc.  My favorite flavor is Lemon mint. I don’t recommend double apple for the beginners it will be very strong, they should try more sweet and light flavors.  It’s very nice for relaxing enjoying with great moments but it’s important to remember it contains substances that are as harmful to health as cigarettes. So it’s always better not inhale…

Before ending my topic, I would like to mention lot of restaurants offering especial menu with breakfast or lunch combined with shisha, prices starts from 40 to 100 AED. So Guys what kind of shisha & which flavor you prefer?



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