Your First Safari In Dubai


Whether you are expat or tourist one of the interesting adventures you should try in Dubai is SAFARI. There are many travel agencies which provide safari tours across the UAE. They have different packages from basic to VIP. You have one driver to pick and drop you back .the transportation will be according to your package either bus or 4×4 car. Most of the drivers speak English.  I said most because I had very funny experience with this  when the driver pick you, the journey start after almost 1 hour, As you will be with other people. Your first action will be dune bashing but don’t worry if they pick you by bus; you won’t dune bashing with it. They will change to 4*4 vehicle after this warm up event, you will go to camel rides area. If it’s   your first experience you need to be more careful as the camels are not like the other animals.

I am sure that you are already hungry 🙂 don’t worry open buffet is waiting for you… If you are lucky enough, you can taste delicious barbecue. There will be also, henna section, local out fits photo section. It’s time to eat and enjoy with belly dancer and fire show …Shisha is also available…. Before you back to your home, you will have dune bashing session again. But be careful if you eat a lot 🙂

As I mentioned before there are many travel companies for safari, you need to check very carefully. Google and check the reviews. My first safari experience was awful. I had few guests from Turkey All of us were so excited.  Agency told us driver will come to pick up at 14;00.He came at 15;00 J Till he reached to our location, he called us 5 times for address.  When he came, he told us he needs to pick up 2 more person. Its okay there was still space in 4×4 But again he couldn’t find their address. I was trying to speak with the other guests to understand their location finally after 1; 00 hour we found them.  As I spoke many times with the guests on the phone, they thought that I am working for travel agency.. They started to screw me , I said to the lady listen to me don’t make drama , otherwise you will see the other anger face of Turkish person 🙂

Than we decide to enjoy for the rest of the day …even with other awful parts. So be careful Guys, check properly…


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