Your First Ladies Night In Dubai


I think  you never hear before about ladies night, like me before relocated in  Dubai..  I think Dubai is one of the few cities around the world specialized for women activities .  Simply it means enjoying night outs with less budget or totally free for ladies only 🙂  There are many options & different venues.. Such as pubs, lounges, clubs, Restaurants, beach clubs… It will ensure you escape from your stressful life.

You will find a good opportunity to taste amazing cocktails, bubbles; all kind of shisha flavors and foods, while we are suffering as men to find best deals 🙂 the best offers for ladies usually are on Tuesday. If you have more girl friends in Dubai, you will experience more suffering like me. Cause that amazing offers are not for us, and be sure that waiters are checking the tables. So don’t expect you will have free drinks like ladies… my best Ladies night experience was in CHINA GRILL. It’s with unlimited white, red and pink grape and 50 percent off the entire dining menu if you had ladies company on the table.  It’s quite nice venue, with lot of ladies. Sushi, Dim Sum, Crispy Duck should be tried!

As I mentioned before there are more and more options, Google it and choose best option for you. I hope we can start to enjoy with men’s night in Dubai soon, as am getting more jealous each an everyday 🙂



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