Your First Car In Dubai


Dubai is developed city in transportation. With metro you can reach many destinations. if you are lazy like me ,you need to buy your own car.. I think Dubai one of the cities offering  cheap prices for buying a car or several cars..Cause when you see amazing deals You can’t resist  want MORE & MORE  & MORE…All brands making aggressive  promotions. Banks giving facilities like loan easily, if your salary more than 5k and you already complete your probation period of course.. Till now all fine, but I need to tell you also about the disadvantages. When you decide to sell your car, within a year of purchasing you will lose minimum 20 percent of original price. In case of you own fancy sport car, you will lose more and more…

Most of the People Prefer 4×4 and suv models.  Nissan Patrol is the most popular then Range Rover. Nissan, Toyota, Lexus brands are always good for not losing money whether for service or trading. Sport cars maintenance always expensive, but nice to drive :). Fuel is cheap, so it shouldn’t be criteria.  I was really shocked when  I filled the tank First time.  If you have too many visitors like me, never buy a sport car, as most of them has only 1 seat for your guests. So it’s better not to invite anyone, or just say you have no car.

My first car was BMW Z4; even it was 2005 model still was very attractive. When I decide to change my car, many people were interested in, but mostly they were coming to take pictures or video for their Instagram so think one more time…  I spent almost 6 months to sell my car and finally sold with a lot of money loss.  Still fine cause you can’t buy such cars with such prices in our countries.


Now more than one year, I am driving Audi, I am quite happy about this. But as I told you before you want more and more Its Dubai HABIBI.  These days my favorite is Mazda mx5…  Even if its 2 seats car, the space is enough to drive comfortably. The red color looking very attractive. But again afraid to lose a lot of money..

What is your favorite sport car?



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