Your First Accommodation In Dubai


After long interview process finally you got your dream job in Dubai…  Before you prepare your luggage, be sure that you don’t have any payment left in your Hometown, as the international bank transfers are not easy as you think.  Till you receive your Emirates ID, things you can do are very limited. You can’t have a bank account or rent a flat and you can’t either buy a car. Don’t worry there are many options till that time..  if you are lucky, your company provide 2 weeks hotel accommodation.  If not, you need to check your own accommodation.


If your salary more than 10k, you can easily find studios, that can be paid monthly.  You should choose the closest place to your job because of the weather fact in Dubai.   Also Flats that located on metro Line is always the best option. According your preference, you can decide the best place for you. My Favorite places are; Marina, Al Barsha, Al Barsha Heights, Business Buy, Downtown. From these options cheapest one is in Al Barsha Heights and the most expensive is Marina.


But even though it’s cheap won’t be less than 6k.  When you pay full amount for a year for sure it will be cheaper.  I suggest not to take yearly flat till you finish your probation period.  ( max 6 months ) Don’t worry there are still more options to pay less. Sharing rooms, or sharing flats.  the best web page to find accommodation.  You can take master rooms from 3,5k to 7k. Depends on area, flat, view & facilities…



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