Taxi Driver In Russia


Hello Guys ! Today I will write about my St Petersburg trip. I was so excited again as you guess.  With my first step to flight I recognized that they upgraded me as a business because of my travel miles. So I was more excited for sure. From Istanbul to St Petersburg it takes 3h.30m. There are 2 flights per day.

The airport is systematic and well organized. So don’t worry you won’t wait too much in queue. Don’t be afraid of the people in passport control even if they do not seem friendly, actually they are. Take the official taxi from the airport. Taxi Fares mentioned there according to your destination. So you can feel comfortable, they won’t try to cheat you The  City  Host of European architectural to add fabulous palaces and cathedrals.

People call it VENICE of the NORTH… I am sure that you heard about white nights. Sky doesn’t get dark it starts with May and picks in mid June So if you don’t want to miss it you need to go in that period. There are many parties and concerts entire the city But don’t drink vodka as it’s stronger than the others. When it’s midnight be careful, cause sometimes you can see some groups make you feel uncomfortable. Once I was coming from the club and few guys started to shoot at me then I was afraid and ran away for sure Guys I advise you not to go with long beard, they don’t like it. The Guys are mostly shaved and they like skinny trousers. Women are always fashionable and they like super mini skirt leggings. Even if its -15 you can see the people wearing short things So adapt yourself.

Places need to be visited according to me

  1. The Kunstkammer (Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography)
  2. Grand palace
  3. Catherine Palace
  4. Church of the savior

The Kunstkammer :  if you need to sleep early at night don’t visit this museum Cause you will be scared and maybe you can’t sleep. The museum is the oldest one in Russia. So imagine what you can see there.

Grand Palace:  It’s an amazing palace, dress nice take many pictures in front of the building.

Catharine Palace :  Blue white and Golden…. Pure beauty. Interiors are superb.

Church of the savior: Guys if you forget to take any pictures in Moscow, this is the best time to cover it. This church has 5 domed dazzlers  I really like colors on churches.



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