Taxi Driver In Romania


Hello Guys !!  Let’s discover the beautiful Bucharest together. It was easier and faster to fly there then drive a car in ISTANBUL sure. From Istanbul to Bucharest, it is 1h 20m. There are 5+ flights per day.

The airport is systematic and well organized. So don’t worry you will not wait too much in queue.

Don’t be surprised if they ask you how much money you have with you. They have started to ask it after joining EU. So take it easy, you are in EUROPE. Take the official taxi from the airport. Taxi Fares are calculated there according to your destination. But be sure the one you take must be the official airport taxi. Bucharest is famous for its tiny and dark streets. Most of the buildings are old and fancy. You can confuse easily where to take pictures.

There are many restaurants and pubs in the downtown. Nice and big shopping malls are also located around the city. Romania has many cheap places for dining out, shopping and clubbing. Culture is almost similar to Russia. Streets are a little bit dirty but you have full freedom J You need to choose the right hotel cause at some of the hotels someone can ring your door at midnight, and can ask if you need any special serviceJ so be careful!

1: Palace of Parliament

2: Cismigue Gardens

3: Kretzulescu Church

4: Romanian Peasant Museum

Palace of Parliament: it is the largest administrative building in the world with a height of 84 m, . Nights are more attractive with the white spots.

Cismigue Gardens: it’s a public park but totally covered with green and there is a super cool lake. Take your favourite book, ice coffee and your ipod with you.

Kretzulescu Church: Even if I am Muslum , I always like visiting churches. This one was very special for me as it was built in brancovenesc style.

Romanian Peasant Museum: It’s a place where you can see Romanian tradition textiles, super cool ceramics and icons. Around the museum you can find an open bazaar, which is very cool and cheap. Bargaining is not welcome from Romanian people. So don’t make negotiation…



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