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Hello Guys…  Today I am going to write about my lovely trip in Iran. Maybe you are used to checking fancy holiday destinations that you have more freedom, more options but it should be on your radar! The landscapes in Iran are more than your expectations. It was easy and comfortable flight for me. From Istanbul to Iran Tehran it takes 3 hours. From Istanbul to Tabriz, it’s 2 hours and 30 minutes. There are 11+ flights per day..

Airports are quite fine and systematic.  But you need to know it’s an Islamic Country. You should dress according to the Culture and the Religion of the country. Taxi drives are quite polite and respectful. You can be sure that they will not cheat you..   There are many Cities in Iran that need to be visited. Tehran is the capital and the biggest city, the second one is Tabriz. Shiraz and Esfehan are smaller but more touristic cities. Personally I have been to Tehran and Tabriz many times. I always planned to visit Shiraz and Esfehan but every time something happened.

Before checking the details of my trips, Do you know there are several Iranian historic sites registered in UNESCO s list of World of Heritage!  Some of them belong to pre Islam Iran and some to post Islam Iran.

High mountains to deserts. Stepped Hillside villages to Nice designed traditional Houses.  Amazing Mosques to magical bazaars.

My favorite place in Tehran is Draband. People call this place as the roof of Tehran. There are many traditional restaurants. You should try Iranian Kebabs, Sisha and tea.

There are many charming Mosques in Tehran, but my favorite one is Shah Abdul Azim Shrine. Please dress respectfully and avoid taking pictures at prayer times.

My last recommend for Tehran is Tehran Bazaar. This bazaar is amazing. You can find decorations, handmade carpets, local perfumes, misk, dried fruits, spices and many more. Please be sure that you have a big bag with you. As this bazaar is so cheap I am sure that you will spend minimum 3 hours.

Lovely Tabriz has a different temperature from other cities in Iran.  It has dry air. So you can face small issues if you are not carrying some protectors with you.

My favorite place in Tabriz is Kabood Mosque. It’s fascinating with blue colored materials, full of spiritual atmosphere surrounded with thick and moist walls.

Einaly mountain is also worth seeing. It’s 30 minutes from the city center. You need to use a taxi to reach the mountain. It has an amazing view in the morning or at sunset time. The soil is red. There are some traditional restaurants that have live Azary music. Also Small charming tea houses must be visited!  Most people in Tabriz speak Azary language while People in Tehran do not.

My last suggestion for Tabriz is Tabriz Bazaar it’s nice to visit it from morning to noon. Cause it is one of the biggest bazaars in the world. It’s much cheaper than Tehran so instead of a bag now you need a big sized suitcase. People are quite polite and friendly In Tabriz. When you want to pay your taxi fare to the driver , they are not accepting. They say,’ no no, you are our guest,  no need to pay’.Please note that taxis are not free.  This only happens because of their tradition So keep going to say, ‘ yes yes I will pay, yes yes I will pay’, then finally they accept it…

Don’t forget that Iran is a photography paradise. You would need a couple of memory cards and batteries or extra mobile phones.


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