Taxi Driver In Egypt


Hello Guys !!  Today I will write about my Egypt trip. You cannot imagine how excited I was before I got my flight. With my first step I recognized that there was something wrong with the flight. The plane was old enough to make me more scared. I am not going to mention about the company but after this journey I decided not to use it again. It takes 2h.10m from Istanbul to Cairo. There are 5 flights per day.

Be ready for a big challenge because now you are at the airport.  Be patient as passport queue will be a little bit longer. Don’t try to speak English well as they probably won’t understand you. If you see some policemen are smoking inside, don’t be surprised it’s also normal. While going to a toilet, if you see some people following, you don’t be afraid, again it’s normal they are just cleaning those areas and expecting some small tips. After the passport control, you will see some guys offering you a taxi. I advise you to take a taxi from inside the airport and ask the bill before you reach your destination. Be ready for heavy traffic, as it’s very popular with it. Don’t be afraid of the kids on the highway, they are just asking for money. When you reach your hotel don’t be surprised as it can be under your expectation.  I advise you to stay along the river Nile. Cause you can reach to tourist attractions more easily. Always call a taxi from the hotel and negotiate before you get in!! I have a very funny story about a taxi driver.  Wait, you will learn soon 🙂

Egypt has amazing  kitchen, Whenever I go there I gain weight…

Places need to be visited according to me:

  1. Giza pyramid complex
  2. Egyptian Museum
  3. Khan al Khalili
  4. Nile River

Giza pyramid complex:  At the entrance, you will see a lot of agencies. You need to be careful and make negotiation. You also have an opportunity to drive a camel, but be careful, the camel can drive you as well. Just be friendly and don’t afraid. The Pyramids are certainly amazing but the surrounding of the pyramids is not clean enough. There are many souvenir shops to buy something but they are a bit expensive. There are nice areas to take classical pyramids pictures Don’t go on Friday, its overcrowded.

Egyptian Museum: About the place I can say, WOW !J you will have an opportunity to see mummies, Golden jewelry, eating bowls and Toys. In the garden there are nice places to take nice photo shoots. And it’s free, don’t worry..

Khan Al Khalili : It’s a shopping mall but for sure it’s not like Dubai mallJ You will find everything you need there, some traditional things, non traditional things, jewellery, carpets and much more. Don’t miss the bargain policy thereJ  There are traditional sishaa shops. Try it with tea but tell them not to add sugar. Otherwise you would drink sugar sorbet instead of teaJ don’t forget to bargain bargain…

River Nile: The best time is evening!! Take a boat tour and discover it. There are also nice restaurants and bars along the river. Try to see different atmosphere.

There are many more places that you can google it but those places are my favorite ones..

At the beginning, I said that you need to be careful about taxi drivers. Now my taxi driver experience is coming:)  When I finished my lovely Egypt trip, I got a taxi to the airport. Even the reception spoke with him, he was trying to drop me to the restaurants and it was all way long. He stopped in one place and said ‘ go and eat, go and eat’ and I tried hard to convince him that I was in a hurry and needed to go to the airport. Then we moved again and he dropped me in another place and the same story again:) and before we reached the airport I stopped at 3 different restaurants. I started to cry and cry. When we finally got to the airport I had only 20 minutes. And can you believe that they allowed me to fly? So overall, it was lovely but a little bit stressful trip..






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