Slogans… Slogans…


Slogans had a quite important role in Fashion and Retail History.

Some of the brands slogans amazes us to see how it is simple and impressive! We always remember Nike with- Just do it… It was such a great achievement to boost the brand and his lifestyle.  Here are the best slogans ever in Fashion and Retail History:

Levis – Original Jeans Original People

Adidas -Impossible is nothing

Reebok – ‘I am what I am’

BMW – ‘The ultimate driving machine’

Mercedes Benz -‘The future of the Automobile’

Johnnie Walker – ‘Keep Walking’

Coca Cola- ‘it’s the real thing’

Once again it time to let your t-shirt do the talking! This season, slogans will have important role in our closets!  But we should have our own slogan also. Do you remember Madonna’s social pages? She was wearing clothes which have “Make love don’t fight” and posting from everywhere! Your taxi driver slogan is FEEL YOUR SOUL. What is yours?


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