Trend Alert ! Vintage Hair Salons


Till now, we have all seen hair salons have great ambiance with glamorous themes, by using  strong  paint colors, decadent lighting and elegant furnishing.  Salons with city printed designed around a city like Paris, Milan, Dubai, New York, Istanbul are still very common. We’ve all visited hair salons that have big mirrors, tv screens, modern art vibes, polished surfaces and many stuffs.

It’s time to forget all good memories in our modern salons. You need to meet vintage hair salons. Time to try something simple, something oldies but goldies. Vintage hair salons have more tailored look with muted versions of colors and classic patterns, French linens, rococo chandeliers and pastel colors..  On the other hand,vintage hair salons have fewer stuff, leather  seats and the most important thing is Organic products! Yes, they always use well known organic brands.

My first meeting with a vintage hair salon was in Morocco.  I was amazed by the atmosphere and service.  They were not using well known organic products but they were using hand made products. So I was much more pleased..Nowadays, you can see many Vintage hair salons around Dubai… around the world  So start to discover new hair salon trend!


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