To Feel Comfortable Better Than To Be a Fashionista


Have you ever considered what you should wear when attending an interview for a well known fashion brand??? Am I the sporting FASHIONISTA OR COMFORT WEAR type?? It’s always better to wear comfortable clothes but for definitely not in a jogging outfit. First of all you need to analyze and understand the company profile. Is it a dynamic or low paced company? If it’s dynamic, you should go with a smart causal suit which hasn’t got any black or red colored details. As a fashionable twist, a printed – checkered suit will look great. However, I would advise you to wear a more basic model. Your suit should be properly sized and fitted for your body line. Your jacket last button should always be open. Trousers should be little bit shorter or tapered from the bottom. As the company has dynamic profile you can wear a colorful shirt and complete your outfit with a casual watch and sneakers.

Let’s look at the samples:

If the company has a more low paced profile, you should be more careful choosing your outfit. Classic cut suits combined with a white shirt will make your appearance more elegant. You should complete your outfit with oxford style shoes with brogue finish -metallic watch and a non-printed tie. Don’t forget your tie shouldn’t be the same color with your suit or shirt!

Let’s look at the samples:



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