Let’s Meet With Turkish Manti!


Manti is a popular traditional food in Turkey.  The recipe historycomes from the 15th century when there was Ottoman Empire. Till now People using the same recipeJ  According to different cultures in different cities, it has many vary in size and shape.  But there are two most popular in the region.

We call it as a Kayseri  Mantisi and Sinop Mantisi.  The names coming from the cities..



You need flour, eggs, salt water, mince. But don’t worry if you are vegetarian still you have nice option with cheese also.. when the dough is ready, is rolled out and filled with a mince or cheese. It’s served with garlicky yoghurt sauced and some of the spices like sumac, red pepper, mint. In our tradition, ladies get together for rolling, filling manti and they like to make gossiping hours and hours…

While homemade manti is quite popular, there are many options in the markets like dry and ready to eat.  While Kayseri manti has smaller size dumblings, Sinop manti has bigger size dumblings. Sinop Manti served by walnuts and chili sauge. While Kayseri manti not.  Both of them topped with melted butter.  And if the butter is also homemade hmmmm hmmmm.. Yeme de yaninda yat 🙂 (google it I can’t translate this).



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