Let’s Meet With Turkish Coffee!


Coffee has a quite important role in middle eastern culture and tradition.. In the Middle East, coffee is generally called ahwa though In Turkey we call it as Turk kahvesi.

But the difference is not only how you call it, it’s also how to make and the taste. Turk kahvesi is made unfiltered with beans. These beans are boiled in special pot, we call it CEZVE Turk kahvesi is boiled with sugar.

There are 4 different sugar level :

Sekersiz: No sugar

Az sekerli: less sugar

Orta sekerli : mid sugar

Sekerli: More sugar

In some parts of the turkey you can find with cardamom and gum. It’s easy to make but not easy to catch the Foam.  So for the best taste, you should be sure that you are making it on low heat and you are using original Turkish beans. In UAE you should taste it in Turkish restaurants to be sure you are not drinking ahwa…


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