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Let’s Meet With Turkish Midye Dolma!


Midye Dolma is a popular traditional street food in Turkey. Midye Dolma means stuffed mussels. I am sure pretty sure that you have already try mussels Spanish and Moroccon style. But this is totally different taste!

It’s made of plump orange mussel, herbed rice, pine nuts and currants. The stuffed mussels are normally eaten with lemon juice squeezed over them so that mussel and rice not dry and so the spices are easily mixed and tasted.

They are true street food in Istanbul, peddled from little stands- usually lined up like shiny black and yellow beacons on well- traveled streets by industrious young men. All sea food restaurants also serving midye dolma

Midye Dolma

porcion of midye dolma (5 TL for five pieces)




Let’s Meet With Turkish Manti!


Manti is a popular traditional food in Turkey.  The recipe historycomes from the 15th century when there was Ottoman Empire. Till now People using the same recipeJ  According to different cultures in different cities, it has many vary in size and shape.  But there are two most popular in the region.

We call it as a Kayseri  Mantisi and Sinop Mantisi.  The names coming from the cities..



You need flour, eggs, salt water, mince. But don’t worry if you are vegetarian still you have nice option with cheese also.. when the dough is ready, is rolled out and filled with a mince or cheese. It’s served with garlicky yoghurt sauced and some of the spices like sumac, red pepper, mint. In our tradition, ladies get together for rolling, filling manti and they like to make gossiping hours and hours…

While homemade manti is quite popular, there are many options in the markets like dry and ready to eat.  While Kayseri manti has smaller size dumblings, Sinop manti has bigger size dumblings. Sinop Manti served by walnuts and chili sauge. While Kayseri manti not.  Both of them topped with melted butter.  And if the butter is also homemade hmmmm hmmmm.. Yeme de yaninda yat 🙂 (google it I can’t translate this).

Let’s Meet With Turkish Gevrek!


As you already might know Turkish cuisine is very rich in offering. I consider you have already read previous articles about Turkish manti, midye dolma and Turkish Coffee. If you missed them yallah just go ‘ lifestyle’ title. Breakfast is a very important part of Turkish People life.  That’s why you can enjoy a nice spread of breads, jams, butters, chees, veggies , olives and much more… It’s totally different than the European breakfast culture but more similar with Middle East breakfast tradition. Gevrek is generally served plain, or for breakfast with tea, fruit preservescheese or ayran.  But For me the most important thing at breakfast gevrek – white cheese and Turkish tea☺ I don’t need those nice spreads… Just give me  Gevrek, cheese and Tea .

Many people call gevrek as a ‘ simit’ But people who are from the western part of Turkey, they call asa gevrek, and I am from that part☺

Gevrek is a circular bread, typically encrusted with sesame seeds or, less commonly, poppy, flax or sunflower seeds, found across the cuisines of the former Ottoman Empire, and the Middle East.

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Let’s Meet With Turkish Coffee!


Coffee has a quite important role in middle eastern culture and tradition.. In the Middle East, coffee is generally called ahwa though In Turkey we call it as Turk kahvesi.

But the difference is not only how you call it, it’s also how to make and the taste. Turk kahvesi is made unfiltered with beans. These beans are boiled in special pot, we call it CEZVE Turk kahvesi is boiled with sugar.

There are 4 different sugar level :

Sekersiz: No sugar

Az sekerli: less sugar

Orta sekerli : mid sugar

Sekerli: More sugar

In some parts of the turkey you can find with cardamom and gum. It’s easy to make but not easy to catch the Foam.  So for the best taste, you should be sure that you are making it on low heat and you are using original Turkish beans. In UAE you should taste it in Turkish restaurants to be sure you are not drinking ahwa…

Heritage Inspiration!


We all know that Dubai has a charming on us with amazing towers, Facilities, The Biggest shopping malls, Lovely beaches, Resorts Parks and many more…

But have you ever tried another part of Dubai?  Uncover history, Different feelings…

You can only understand me when you start to walk among the wind towers of al fahidi historical neighborhood. You will be amazed with the arabesque designs of the old buildings. Check Heritage Village, Sheikh Saeed House, and Souk…

There are many restaurants around the Heritage Village, You can taste Arabic cuisine and smoke shisha.

Don’t forget to take an ‘abra’ the old wooden boat. It’s a unique experience!!